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Financial Advice for Separation and Divorce

Are you thinking about divorce? Have you already made the decision to separate from your spouse? Are you wondering where to start? We can help!

Separation and Divorce is never easy but engaging the right professionals to help you can ease the process and lead to a more positive outcome. We can help you…

  • Get educated and organized right from the start
  • Understand your financial position; explore and assess the options that might be considered
  • Help you make difficult financial decisions
  • Reach a settlement that has considered your interests and goals
  • By working with you individually, as a couple, or as part of a team with your lawyer(s)
  • Through any step of the process

We can be the first call to get you started or you can add us at any point along the way. We can lower the costs of your divorce and help to ensure a positive future for you and your children!

We do not give independent legal advice and all clients are strongly encouraged to obtain independent legal advice.

Retirement, Estate and Tax Planning

Assistance, Support, GuidanceAre you thinking about retirement? Are you wondering if you will have enough money? Are you retired already but worried about outlasting your financial resources? Call us to get answers! Trained in all areas of personal finance, we can help you make positive decisions about your financial future!


Early Neutral Process Consultation

An Early Neutral Process Consultation will provide you and your partner with an overview and options for the separation process. Read more…


What Our Clients are Saying

testimonialAlison Anderson is a competent & confident financial planner whose work is always delivered in a prompt, efficient & professional manner. The bonuses are her friendly personality, her incredible patience with answering questions & her ability to explain financial information in a simple, easy to understand way. She is a pleasure to work with.
--- F. L., Divorce Client

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Unbiased and Impartial Financial Advice

Alison Anderson and Family Finance Solutions provide a fee-based financial planning service. We do not represent or sell any product or service. All advice is free from any conflict of interest that may be associated with commissions and trailer fees.


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